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    error message - anyone help???


      continually trying to activate digital editions

      and get error E_ADEPT_IOActivationServiceInfoError%20



      anyone any ideas??



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          Same problem for me and no one at Adobe has the answer!!

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            In order to fix this error message you may follow the steps as given below.


            Solution 1: If you changed the clock on your computer, reset it to the actual time.


            Solution 2: Disable firewall, antivirus, or proxy software.

            Firewall,  anti-virus, and proxy software can intercept the activation request  from Digital Editions to the activation server. If you receive an error  beginning with "E_ADEPT_IO" (such as 'E_ADEPT_IO ActivationService Info  Error%20#2032'), then your machine isn't allowing the connection to the  activation server.

            To resolve this issue, modify your firewall or other software to allow your machine to connect to the activation server at http://adeactivate.adobe.com/.

            In Windows XP, add Adobe Digital Editions to the firewall exceptions:

            1. Choose Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall.
            2. Select the Exceptions tab.
            3. Click Add Program.
            4. From the Add a Program menu, select Adobe Digital Editions.
            5. Approve the prompts that appear to complete the process.


            I hope this will help you !!!!