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    [URGENT HELP NEEDED] Scroll Textboxes in a Main Textbox & Print Issue

      Hi everyone,

      I really need help on this.
      I have created a maths quiz for my school and at the last frame of the timeline i will display all the questions, student's input answers as well as the correct answers to each question.
      But I am using dynamic text to display student's answer and the rest such as Questions and Correct answer i am putting them in a movie clip.

      I know that to make a scroll bar we need the textfield to be dynamic and we will put the message in the textfield using actionscript. Because some of the questions are too long and i cant fit all the questions, student's ans and correct ans in a frame, so i separate them into different frames. But now i am told to put all the questions, student's ans and correct ans in the same frame but using Scrollbars to scroll.

      Is it possible for me to put all the student's ans (dynamic txt) in one main dynamic textbox and create a scroll bar to scroll?
      I am sorry if i sound confusing... Anyone please help? Is it possible to do this?

      Another thing is that i need to print out all the answer from that certain frame. But will i be able to print all the thing out since there is the scrollbar?