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    Which program to buy..


      I recently purchased Lightroom 3 and think I may not have the correct program. I want to get a program that does the following;


      Make silhouettes

      outline figures as if it was drawn

      create a "painted" look

      select an area to block in colour.


      Which program would do these things?



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          Silkrooster Ninja

          It would be way easier in photoshop or Corel painter.

          It may be possible in photoshop elements, but I never tried the program.

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            If you R looking for the anything beyond basic-very basic =especially with painting-you are better off with full PHOTOSHOP CS5. Elements 9 is more aimed at basic edits.and social networking, A 30 day trial w PS will answer yur Q.

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              123xccx Newcomer

              Thank you very much for answering my question.

              I have just downloaded a trial of Photoshop Elements 9 and yes it does so a lot of what I want. I have only played with it for 30 minutes so I have not yet fully investigated it. I do like its simplicity and apparent user-friendly set-up. Can you please tell me however, if the CS5 program does all that the Elements 9 does and is basically a user-friendly program that a non-computer-expert (i.e. me!) will be able to use?

              Thank you

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                Silkrooster Ninja

                CS5 version of photoshop is a full featured program. In that the wizards are not available. It is assumed that you know a thing or two about photo editing. Because it is a full featured program the learning curve can be steep. But there are lots of books and video training available. some free and some cost.

                So photoshop elements is meant to hold your hand and help teach you and lacks certain features. As for what features are missing, I can't say as I have not tried it. But thats the word on the forums.

                Good luck in making your decission. Oh yeah down load both trial programs, it will make your decission much easier.

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                  Greenville Photographer

                  Not an Adobe product but is a plugin. I would try Nik color efex pro 3.0.

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                    123xccx Newcomer

                    Thank you every one for your assistance. Now a more defined question:

                    As I have children we qualify for the Education Programs.

                    I have decided on the CS5 program,but that program as such is not listed in the Education Store products.

                    Does anybody know if the Photoshop CS5 Extended Student & Teacher Edition is a close match?

                    Thank you once again for everyone's expertise.

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                      Geoff the kiwi Rockstar

                      That is what you are after.

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                        123xccx Newcomer

                        Thank you.

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                          the_wine_snob Legend

                          Photoshop Elements should do everything that you want.


                          It is a full-featured Image editing program. Where it falls short of PS CS 5 will be:


                          No CMYK support - unless you are going to a commercial printer, you will not miss this

                          No creation of Layer Sets - unless you are creating DVD/BD Menus, you will likely not need this

                          Has fewer Filters, and fewer 3rd party plug-ins - may miss some, but maybe not

                          Does a bit more with Presets, so some ultimate control will be sacrificed to a "big-button" solution


                          Lightroom is great for "processing" Images, but you need an Image editor.


                          Good luck,