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    Why animated gif not working in webpage designed in fireworks?



      I have 2 questions. Pl. consider me a novice in this field, started just 2 days ago.


      1. I have designed a website page in fireworks cs5, I have added an animated gif in the page and when I preview in browser or export the webpage.png the animated gif's background color is only shown and no animation takes place.  Where as when I run the gif file only in web browser it shows animation. Why the animation doesn't show in the website. However, when i change the selection to "animated gif websnap128" at the bottom of the screen, then every element of the whole webpage alongwith the animated gif start doing animation, that is everyelement changes (animate) from state 1 to state 2 contineously. 


      other question is in new thread.


      thanks for your help.