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      I have received this-  error getting liscense server communication proble e_adept_10 for 2

      months now.  I have even tried uninstalling and redownloading ADE and as soon as I try to download a new ebook I get this error and the book doesnt make it into my ADE.  I have asked ADE Support about this and I was once told it is a problem with my nook but it isnt - it is working fine with other ADE/other computer. How can I correct this on my laptop? Any suggestions??

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          I have recieved same message and Adobe support person can't even give me an answer. They told me to NOT try to un instal and then reinstall. They said that would have a new problem.. Isn't this great!  The reason for getting the NOOK was to down load from the library and no one can seem to get it right!!

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            The ADEPT file keeps settings such as time, date and year.  This error

            message may relate to those settings on your computer, not the software

            itself.  If you do a bit of SEARCHing on the Forum, you should come across

            other messages about this file, and maybe they'll give you some ideas on

            what to do with your computer.



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              In order to fix this error message you can try following.


              This error message comes when any program on your computer is prohibiting your computer to communicate with Adobe's Server.


              In order ti fix this compleately disable your Windows firewall and antivirus and other security software on your computer and then try to download the books.


              I hope this will help you!!!!