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    How NOT TO autofit flash website when resizing browser?


      Hi all,

      first post so please be patient

      I am trying to create a flash website, my document size is 1024 X 766 pixels. My goal- when I publish it and view it in the browser, when I resize the browser window I DO NOT WANT the website to scale up/down accordingly.

      At the moment my flash website is scaling according to the resizing of the browser window which is causing awful aliasing to my logo (jagged edges). The logo is 250 x 50 and I don't want the logo to change size while resizing the browser window. And at the moment the logo is growing or shrinking when changing the browser window.

      I spent about 3 hours in Google to no avail.

      Please help me.

      What must be my Document setting and Publish settings to achieve that?