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    AVCHD Native Editing - Render Artifacts


      Hi Everyone,


      I am currently editing a project with native AVCHD files (.MTS), 1920x1080, 50i. I selected the sequence preset that matches these attributes.
      However when I play the files in either the bin or the sequence, there are strange 'artifacts' that appear during playback. The render bar is yellow on the sequence. The raw files are fine. If i render some footage the artifacts disappear.


      My question is - is it necessary that I render all of my raw and unedited footage in the sequence to edit free of artifacts? Why do they appear in premiere but not on the raw files when opened in VLC? The maximum render quality check box is not checked in general preferences.


      Surely I don't have to waste my time rendering 417GB of footage just so I can get a clean and smooth picture? A playback setting I have missed perhaps?


      Warm Regards,