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    Changing pic length in time line


      When I drop pics in the time line by default they are 5 seconds in legth. I have a large group of pics that I want to be 2 seconds in length but can't change them all at the same time. I can drag then one pic at a time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in the time line but this is very time consumming. Is there a faster way?

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          nealeh Level 5

          In Edit> Preferences> General you can set the default duration for still images when imported. For pictures already imported you can select them all and then use Time Stretch to set the duration. Note though that if you change the duration, the start point of other clips (including those on other tracks) will also change.


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            dan2468 Level 1

            Thanks nealeh,


            The part on the time line worked good. In the Edit/Preference/General it doesn't display duration in seconds, is displays in "still images in default duration" as a number of frames. It was hit and miss as to how many frames is a second. I ended up with 75 frames = 2.5 seconds in the time line. PS: I'm using version 8.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              In NTSC video, there are about 30 frames per second, Dan. So two seconds is 60 frames. Your estimate, then, was about right.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The reason that the Duration is listed in Frames, is for precision. As the FPS can also differ, say between NTSC and PAL, there is just a bit of math involved, as Steve shows.


                I am hoping that PrE 10 adds the capability to easily alter the Duration of multiple Stills, that have already been Imported, at one time, in the Project Panel. This capability was added to PrPro CS4, and has proved very useful, in instances like yours - the Stills were Imported with the default, or another setting, that the editor did not wish to use. In the past, one had to Delete the Stills, set the Edit>Preferences to the desired Duration, and then Import them all over again.


                Also remember that the Stills Duration will affect Titles that are created also, so once you have done your Import for your Stills, don't forget to reset that Duration, or your Titles will only be 02 sec. too. With Titles, it's a bit easier to just click-drag on the Tail, to extend the Duration to what one wants, since you usually create those, one at a time. When doing this, it might be useful to have the Info Panel open and near-by, so you can see the exact Duration on the click-drag operation.


                Good luck, and happy editing,



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