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    PS-Medias and dynamic links lost.


      Hey everybody,


      I'm actually working on a mid-complex project with several afx-comps (using dynamic link) and a bunch of Photoshop-graphics. Everything worked fine until this morning. When I started my machine, no graphical media or afx-comps load up. I tried auto-save-files and older versions aswell. Still the same.


      I'm working on a MacPro late 2009, 12GB RAM, Bootdevice: Intel SSD, Projectdatas: internal software raid1, Videodatas: internal software raid0

      (backup on nas via timemachine). No disc errors or hardware failures found so far.

      Softwareversion Adobe CS5.0.3 Production Suite

      Footage: Canon xf305 (but this works fine!)


      Maybe you have any idea? Thanks a lot!






      I manually relinked all psd-files. The last problem to be solved is the afx-link. So I will move to the afx-forum with the same question.