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    integrating xml data

    Kristtee Level 1

      Hello there!

      It is been over three weeks I am trying to do this. Now it is time to ask your help. I am trying to read this simple xml


          <link title="Adobe" category="General" uri="http://www.adobe.com" />
          <link title="Adobe TV" category="Adobe TV" uri="http://tv.adobe.com" />
          <link title="YouTube" category="UTuber" uri="http://www.youtube.com" />
          <link title="LayerMag" category="Magazine" uri="http://www.layermagazine.com" />
          <link title="Notcot" category="Inspiration" uri="http://www.notcot.com" />
          <link title="DieLine" category="Inspiration" uri="http://www.thedieline.com" />
          <link title="Gmail" category="Email" uri="http://www.gmail.com" />


      and put it into this layout

      flex draft.gif

      It is basically lots of my favourite web links. I wanted it as my homepage in browser desktop. It lists all and it can be filtered by title/category and list by category using combobox as well. when clicked on any listed item it opens a new tab in the browser with web page.


      Please some one help me. I don't know how to upload mxml in here.

      Appreciate your time and help