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    Exception thrown in destructor CS5 when using "UNDO" command




      I'm assisting my professor with a class helping students build an online portfolio. Yesterday, one of the students sent me a bunch of .fla files to review and I made some changes, inserted a bunch of comments in the code and told her to change the rest of her files into the same format. (Adding keyframes, frame labels and button codes, etc.)


      Then she emailed me to tell me that she keeps getting this error message every times she makes a mistake and tries to "undo" something.


      "Every time I open up the drawing page and another one of my subpages like logo design for example, I work on what you said to do, but if i make a mistake and undo it, I get this error message and all my images disappear completely from the time line. I have attached a screenshot of the error message, maybe you know whats going on but I'll keep working on it and try to not have to undo something because at the moment that seems to be the problem. I have to close flash and reopen everything to make it go away."



      (Click image to enlarge error message)




      • This problem didn't happen until after I modified her files on my computer and returned them to her.
      • I am using a Mac version of CS5 and she is using WIndows version. CS4 has never been used with these files.
      • I only modified one of the three files this is happining to. I deleted a bunch of stuff from the stage and a bunch of stuff from the library that wasn't needed in this file (the header, navigation, and background were all moved into a main file) then I modified the timeline to have a few thumbnails link to different frames to display a larger image. Then I added the actionscript and gave her instructions to do the same with the other two files.
      • She sent me the files buy uploading them to her account at box.net and after downloading and modifying the files, I zipped the folder and uploaded the zip file using afp to my sites folder on my school server and gave her the link so she could download them (Way to big to email).


      I read the thread out there about this but it seems it's related to using CS4 or saving, which this is neither. I would really appreciate any help on this and if it's a bug maybe what is causing it. I'm sure it's related to me taking and modifying them and sending them back, but I suppouse it's possible it's not. I am going to give her the link to this thread and have her update any system updates for Flash. We will probably revert to the old copies, but I'd like to know what caused this to prevent it from happening again.


      Thanks for any help.

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          As for your student  machine, since it is happening to the files after editing there are a few things we can try.
          You  can  delete user configuration folder and preferences files.




          1. Quit Flash if you have it running.


          2. Delete your user configuration folder:


              Window XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local   Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Flash<version>
              Window Vista & Window 7-   C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash<version>
              Mac - Volume/Users/<username>/Library/Application   Support/Adobe/Flash<version>


          3. Follow instruction from the following link to recreate your preferences files:




          4. Reboot your machine.


          5. Launch Flash and see if you are still seeing this issue.






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