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    Putting 2D images onto 3D projector as 2D interleaved with software


      I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but it appears that this software is the way to go, I just want to verify if this is possible.


      I am testing a Barco Galaxy NW-12 3D projector which uses a single dual-link DVI with the L/R frames interleaved. The mini-DIN connector on the video card provides the sync pulses to the projector so that it knows which image is for the left eye and which is for the right eye (it would normally provide the sync pulses for the 3D glasses).

      I would like to take two separate pictures ( Picture "A" and Picture "B") and project picture "A" for the left eye and Picture "B" for the right eye.  I know this has to be done in software, interleaving the still pictures onto the dual-link DVI.  There are plenty of 2D to 3D computer programs that simulate a 3D effect for both still and video, but they do it with the same picture.  I would like to use 2 different high-contrast pictures, project both of them onto the screen, close one eye and verify that we see the one image, and then close the other eye and see if we can see the other.  As far as I know this has to be done in software.


      Ok Smart guys-  Anyone familiar with this?  Thanks, George