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    Optimizing images and color problems in Catalyst


      I really need your guy's help.

      First of all, I am trying to figure out the best way to optimize images. I have a bunch of logos that are pdfs/ai files that I want to make thumbnails and full size images for a part of my portfolio site. No matter what I do the logos get choppy. Whether creating jpegs in illustrator, rasterizing the images, etc. Any ideas?


      Also, every time I bring an AI file into catalyst blacks/grays seem to be different. Anywhere I use any kind of low opacity or something things are screwed up. Faded whites in illustrator are bright white in catalysy. Low opacity whites (grays) are brown. WAY off. Any ideas there?

      This is driving me crazy and I have a deadline for this coming up very soon. I feel like I have gotten nowhere after hours and hours of this



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          Kim Isola Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          Here's a collection of material that should help:

          FAQ: How do I optimize Illustrator graphics for best performance in Flash Catalyst?


          Here are a few specific snippets from that collection that apply to your specific situation:


          -To reduce color differences when comparing colors in Catalyst and Illustrator/Photoshop, set Proof Colors to "Monitor RGB" (In Illustrator, go to View> Proof Setup and choose Monitor RGB). (From Ian Giblin's slide deck, pg. 19)


          -When creating documents in Illustrator that will be imported into Catalyst, set the document color space to RGB. There is a new document profile for Flash Catalyst built into Illustrator (select it from the New Document menu in Illustrator's new document dialog box). This does other helpful things like turning on "Align to Pixel Grid, and setting your document size to the commonly-used 800 x 600 pixels.)


          -Regarding the choppy logos, try using the "Optimize vector graphics" command in Catalyst (select your logo on the artboard, and in the Heads-Up-Display, choose Optimize artwork and then Optimize vector graphics. This feature is made for optimizing vector art for good performance, while still maintaining the ability to edit the vectors later if needed. You can also convert the logos to raster images right inside of Catalyst, by choosing "Rasterize" instead of Optimize vector graphics. More details are in this great FlashCats blog post.

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            buffalonickel Level 1

            Thanks so much for all that!