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    Controlling Text  with embedded Flash movie


      I have embedded a 1 hr flash movie and a text sprite in a director movie with the following issues.
      I would like to control what text is displayed to a user depending on which frame of the Flash movie is currently playing. For instance, I know that there are a total of 30000 frames in my Flash movie and I would like to display the minutes left in the Flash movie within a give frame interval. So if the Flash movie is currently between 1 and 10000, the text should display 66 minutes left. If it is currently between 10001 and 20000, the text should display 33 minutes left. You get the idea.

      I tested a piece of script below for the flash movie but the display text does not change according to the conditions.

      on enterframe me
      -- repeat while sprite(5).playing
      if sprite(5).frame >= 0 and sprite(5).frame < 200 then

      member("Time").text = "Thank You"
      member("Time").text = "Other Text"
      end if
      -- end repeat

      Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can have the text changed as my Flash movie is playing?