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    Animation Templates


            I have an animation of a blue ball falling from the top of the screen, bouncing off the bottom and exiting through the top. This animation "Bounce" is an action all "Ball" objects can perform. How do I apply this animation to other "Ball" objects? I thought of making a second layer (the skin of the ball object) that follows the first layer animation.



      I am asking because I have an animation of a blank character performing actions, i'd like to be able to design and decorate several characters for my animation that can perform the animations of the blank character (template). My game randomly designs different faces/clothing for these character objects, but i'm not sure how to animate them based on an already made animation.



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          Can't you save "the animations of the blank character(template)" as a motion preset? Right click on the motion tween in the main timeline> Save as Motion Preset, and name in Preset As dialog box. I think that this will save "the blank character actions" as a motion preset that can be found in the Motion Presets Panel and then Applied to the selected object on the stage.