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    ``the content you are trying to view is locked.``     on KOBO reader


      on kobo reader getting msg: content you are trying to view is locked.    Pls

      use your adobe ID to authorize your ereader with the kobo desktop application OR



      How can I check with ADE to see if I have exceeded my 6 device limit.


      That is what I think may be causing this msg.


      My computer and ADE library show my computer and Ereader as

      authorized; with the ereader on the ADE library page, shown down

      at the left.  

      Transferring book to kobo appears to work; the book is on the KOBO

      internal list, but WILL NOT OPEN.   (get the msg as shown in full,

      at top of this description.)


      If you have other ideas, other than I have reached my max,

      would be glad to hear them.