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    Flash interactive map

    twstedwebdzine Level 1

      I know this is simple to

      you pros but what do I have to do to make my map interactive? I need it to change color on moouse over and show information for the selected county (button). I have all the layers for the buttons and have not made the buttons yet. Not redirected to another url I want it to pull up info or show info in pop up window I dont care what as long as it does this in some sort of way. Thanks for all your help

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          If you are just getting started in Flash, I suggest you break down your project into sections, do not try to implement everything at once to start with.

          So if you want the color to change on rollover, create a practice .swf that has a rectangle change color on mouse over.... that's all.

          Then create a practice .swf where you bring in some text into a dynamic text field... that's all. Don't put the pieces together until you can create each part and get it working.

          Here is a good for learning how to integrate Flash and xml, for bringing that text info:


          Search for other tutorials to cover other parts of the project. Here is another good source:


          But since this is a fairly complex project, I also suggest that you follow "Best Practice" methods, like putting all you actionscript in one "Actionscript" layer. Don't take shortcuts or hack methods. This way may take a little longer but you'll end up with a product you can really be proud of.

          If you just can't commit to something like that, then I'd recommend you use a pre-build interactive map, maybe something like:


          Best wishes,