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    Condition Tags

      In regards to RoboHelp Server...can the topics to be seen be restricted by users?

      For example...

      I have Topic 1; Topic 2; Topic 3; Topic 4

      I want users A,B,C be able to access all of the topics.
      I want users D,E only be able to access Topic 3.

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          That's best done by your developers, through permissions. Condition tags are best used for generating and publishing different types of output. Restricting access to specific pieces of one of those outputs is a programming job.

          Good luck,
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            It's definitely a programming job. I produce two outputs for my company's subscriber-only website. One set applies to those who use our online software, which is incorporated into the website; the other applies to our desktop users, who can't use many of the online features (because they use the desktop software, which stores their data locally). The programmers were easily able to derive the user's platform from the login credentials; they wrote a script that changed the target of the Help Topics link on the website based on those credentials. So the end result is that the online users get a Help system tailored to them, and the desktop users see only the modules that they can use. Both users see the same interface with the same "Help Topics" text as a link, but they get different output when they click that link.