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    download epdf ok not epub


      I have no problem downloading an "pdf" ebook from the sample ebook sample library but when I try and download a "EPUB" book I get this error:

      C:\Users\Ted\AppData\Local\Temp\URLLink-14.acsm could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.


      Any idea where I go to change the association in my preferences?

      In other words where do I find preferences?



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          Windows is telling you that ADE is not associated with epub files.

          Something may have gone wrong with your installation of ADE.


          If you can download the file to your computer anyway, you could use the

          Windows Explorer utility to find the file, and then you could right-click on

          it, and click on the 'Open With' function.  A list of programs will pop up,

          and ADE should be in the list.  If it is not, then you'll need to remove ADE

          from your computer and reinstall it, so that Windows will set it up to work

          with these files.



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            T2011 Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions but, no, I can't download it at all.

            All I get is that error message.


            I uninstalled/reinstalled ADE and it does the exact same thing.


            I'll try downloading an epub book from Barnes and Noble and see what happens.