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    ScrollPane issues: masking, content overflow

    Shandy Elliott Level 1
      I looked all around this forum about my issue. I found many topics on it (most didn't even receive one response), so that tells me it's either a known issue, or there are other variables affecting it. The main issue is using a ScrollPane component and loading different content into it (in this case my issues come up when loading images - same domain). Sometimes the scrollbar appears, sometimes not, sometimes appears and works, sometimes the image loaded overflows the boundaries of the ScrollPane (as if the masking failed).

      I'm going to give two links: one link contains the main swf file that eventually loads another. example 1 You will need to click on Auctions, then go to Scheduled Auctions. There is only one auction link for now. Once you click for more information, many tabs will appear. The tabs that load external images are "floor plan", then on the next screen (right arrows flashing), the "plat map", "purchasing contract", and "directions". If you click back and forth, you will see how it fails at times (if not all).

      The other link example 2 is the individual swf file that loaded into the main one mentioned above. I troublshooted enough to know it's not an AS path problem or anything like that, but I noticed this particular link will have less failures with the external images loading.

      I don't know what else to say/ask because it seems to have been said/asked before, but I didn't see any resolutions. Does anyone know what might be happening or a way to correct this issue?