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    Does aerender prevent its host from entering sleep mode?

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      Hi There,

      A fairly basic question indeed.  I have a server that I want to use as a rendering system.  I don't want that server to be on all the time, though.  It's running Windows 7 and has a power management plan so that it enters sleep mode after about thirty minutes of non-activity.  I know how to send the "magic packet" to the server so as to wake it up-on-lan.  I'm thinking of writing a script that will first wake the rendering server on lan (WOL), then begin rendering my project via aerender command line interface.  The script would be done via command line, and the server is "headless": that is, no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse.  Once aerender begins rendering, does the system ignore the power saving setting?  I don't want the system to enter sleep mode if aerender is churning out frames.  How can I be sure that the render server does not enter sleep mode while aerender is running, while maintaining the power savings mode that I have setup for it?


      Any help, tips, or advice is greatly appreciated!