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    Audio/Video Sync


      Hi all,


      I'm currently working on a multilingual AIR application that requires synced audio / video. There are several chapters, each with a flash video file and numerous accompanying mp3 audio tracks (one for each language). I have to sync the audio playback of the selected language, with the video playback of the current chapter.


      I have tried the Spark Video Player. Listening to Media Player State Change events and playing / seeking / pausing the audio as required. I as getting mixed results with this approach and often the audio / video lose sync.


      I am now looking into the OSMF and it's Parallel Elements. By adding both the audio and video element to the media container I had hoped to automate the syncing process. The video and audio do play in sync with this approach - however seek does not work. (When I try to seek to a particular point the video / audio just continue to play from the current position).


      If anyone could give me some advice on syncing Audio / Video elements in Flex, so maybe something I could try with my current approaches - it would be appreciated.