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    [JS][CS5] Running a script from Configurator

    Roy Marshall Level 1

      I have been enjoying packaging some of my recent scripts in a Configurator plugin. This has been working fine, until now.

      The script I have written steps through a csv file, placing a graphic on a page, and putting some text in a text frame. The script then exports to a PDF and saves as an InDesign file of a name from from the row in the csv file.

      This works fine when executing from the ESTK, and if I run from the scripts panel as a script, or a compiled binary. If I save as binary and add a script file button in a configurator panel, then the script stops at about 170 lines (there are 220 lines in the CSV)


      There is no error, and if I run the remaining lines separately afterwards they run ok.  It looks like there is an additional overhead from running the script from a custom plugin.  Does that sound right?


      The complete script, processing all the lines in the CSV file takes about 5mins to run, so is quite busy, but I am monitoring the Macs performance, and there is no memory running away as far as I can see.


      Any ideas on this would be great, or it would be interesting to see if anyone else has seen this same effect.