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    question about virtual memory file

    semaj2james Level 1



      i have moved my whole virtual memory file from c drive containind my O/S off to another drive leaving no virtual memory file on my O/S drive


      is this a good thing for me to have done???




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          You can have the virtual memory file on any drive you like.  But it is good to have it on a relatively fast drive.  The less memory you have, the more the virtual memory is used.  On a small amount of memory (like 1G), it is used quite a lot.  I have read that the actual amount of memory Win7 takes, is about 1.5G so there is a lot of swapping going on.  If you RAM memory is 4G or so, then ony a little swapping is done and the system responds/runs faster.


          Your swap drive should be a bit more in size than your total RAM.



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Whether or not it's good depends on several factors.  How much RAM is installed?  How fast and full are the C: drive and the drive you moved it to?  What else is that new drive used for?

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              semaj2james Level 1

              thanks jim


              the ram installed is 4 gb though i running xp so only 2 something is seen therfore i made a 4 gb paging file on a drive that is 1 third full, this drive is where windows knows as My docs and  has very little use as all my data and projects are on other drives


              kind of what i was getting at is does xp make better use of virtual memory if some of the file remains on c drive??? it just something i read somwhere that a portion of the page file should remain on the same drive as the O/S,,,, having said that since this thread has been open i have read that windows likes only one page file and that it works better if the file is situated on a different drive to the O/S

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                The pagefile should be the first file on your fastest drive, next to the OS drive. So, OS on C: and pagefile on D: or E:


                It should be static, minimum = maximum size and the frist file on that drive, so it is located on the fastest part of the disk. The size should be around 1.5 times the available memory, but when you have 12 GB of more, you can decrease that multiplier. With 12 GB, use either 12 or 18 GB page file, with 16 GB use only 16 GB and with 24 GB use only 12 or 16 GB. That is enough.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  It depends on the drive, and also the I/O interface of the computer. I recommend doing some benchmarks, and monitoring any improvements.


                  On my laptop, my Page File did better on my third, physical HDD, E:\, but not by much.


                  On my workstation, the best performance was actually splitting the Page File over C:\ and D:\, but not by much.


                  Now, both of my cited computers are on XP-Pro, with only the 4GB of RAM. The workstation does have the +3GB Switch, but that did not works so well on the laptop. With the 32-bit OS and 4GB RAM, my Page Files are ~ 8GB in size, and are statically managed. Each was placed on those drives (except for my workstation, where I use C:\ also), before any other files were written, and with the static management, the Page File is written to the same location at the front of the HDD, on bootup.


                  Good luck,



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                    kampnman Level 1

                    Do you have a how to guide for setting up pagefile correctly?  As I search online I get pointed to my computer properties, advance tab, Virtual Memory etc etc., just wondering if you have a "how to" link you like, or have created on the forum?


                    Questions for Pagefile:

                    1. Do you setup a separate partition for pagefile on drive d: or e: etc.?  Or should I not worry about a separate pagefile partition?
                    2. How can I ensure pagefile to be the first file on drive and/or first partition on drive?
                    3. I have 12GB so I'm thinking of using 18GB min and max as I'm putting on a separate 1TB drive, correct?
                    4. What page file size/amount do you like to leave on C: OS/Program drive if any?


                    I am following your 4 disk drive guidelines wanting to be sure I'm finding the correct default locations in Pr for your suggested disks.  Maybe there is a link for this topic I haven't been able to find?


                    Thanks so much,


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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      Go to Control Panel and select Performance Information and Tools. You see this screen:



                      Select Advanced tools from the left hand side and then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows on the next screen.


                      You get this screen:


                      Performance options.jpg

                      Make sure to select the advanced tab and then press the Change button.


                      You will see a screen like this:




                      In my case I only use an 8 GB pagefile, maybe you want to have a larger size.


                      How do you make sure this pagefile is the first file on your disk? Create a copy of all your files on another disk, reformat the drive, create the pagefile as instructed above, restart and then copy all your files back to the disk.


                      You do not want partitions. They do not improve performance and only cause much more wear and tear on your drives. If you want to store some stuff temporarily, it is much easier and faster to store it in a shed in your garden, than in another rented location at the other side of town, because the trip to that other location takes time to reach it and to return to your home. That is similar to what the heads on your disk need to do when you use partitions.

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                        kampnman Level 1

                        I think the answer to my #4 question is evident in your screenshot.  So no need to keep a minimum on the C: OS/Programs drive?  I will set it to "none".  I suspect it defeats the purpose of placing pagefile on another disk if you have even a small amount on the C: drive.


                        I see why you are considered one of the most respected (if not "thee") on adobe.com.  You kindly take the time to help everyone regardless of their level of expertise. I'm sure many will benefit from your post here.


                        Much Appreciated,



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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          Frank, you're welcome. It is a small effort and it may help people who are now in the same position I was in years ago when I started with editing. I actually started with celluloid, progressed to linear editing and NLE when Premiere was still at version 4.0. Makes me feel old....