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    Creating 3D side by side and saving some time during rendering..?

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I've got a 1280x720 comp. It's fx heavy. Rendering the 2D is taking a full day! I've got a fan pointed at the Mac! I'm tempted to stop it, but I need to check for errors before the next step.


      I want to export a 3D version. I've figured out how to get two cameras and generate seperate R and L comps. But this is going to take forever!


      Now, since my final ouput is going to be 'side by side' (so both comps get squashed up on the x axis and half the data is lost!) is there some way to do this in rendering (output side by side) and save a bit of rendering time? Like render to two frames of 640x720 and not the full frames and then throw away half the data!


      Am I missing something important..?


      What if I instead choose to upscale to 1920x1080 (keeping the same camera lens angle) to preserve resolution, can I do the same and output straight to side by side without any intermediate render for size changes?


      I'm using CS5 on a Mac.




      p.s. Have a happy Easter!