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    Help with duplicatemovie

    antworker Level 1


      I attached my project file below.


      You control the car with the arrow keys and shoot with A and D.

      Alright, but when you drive a bit you gonna meet the zombie walking on the road. (Its okay to shoot him or drive over him )


      But here is my problem, I want plenty of zombies of the same movieclip as the one that's already there, but it dosen't work to just duplicate the movieclip because when one dies, both of them does gotoAndPlay when it's just suppoused to happen to the one that's hit.

      There's some wierd things going on but I will be very greatful for all help I can get .

      Thank you and please excuse the bad english .


      The project file: http://www.2shared.com/file/_aUtKqYi/car_new_4.html

      3.4 mb.