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    Exporting/sharing MP4 files results in files 6x bigger than original

    patrickfmahoney Level 1

      I am importing 1920x1080 H264/mp4 video from a GoPro HD camera which is about 1GB in file size and looks great when I play it on my computer.  When I edit it in Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to remove about 1/8th of the movie and then export using Quicktime 1920x1080, H.264, the file is 6GB in file size and looks noticeably less great on the same computer (it's not as smooth when I play it back).  If I lower the Quality slider from 100, I can reduce the file size but the video looks even worse. 


      Why are the file sizes out of Premiere so much larger and is there a way to improve the quality of the output beyond a quality setting of "100" because the original looks noticebly sharper and smoother than the output from Premiere 9?  Is there a better file format that will preserve the quality and result in files which are roughly the same as the original?