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    Display pdf newsletter on web page


      I'm currently working on a website for an organization that puts out a bi-monthly newsletter as a pdf. What I would like to do is display the current newsletter on the page itself so viewers can flip through it, and have links to the pdf past newsletters. I've found some info on this but the basic premise of it all is that I can convert a pdf to swf in Illustrator and add that to the page. The problem I'm having with that is it seems Illustrator will only load one page at a time and the newsletters are 4-5 pages on average. Is there an easy way that I can do this myself, or would my best bet be to pay for someone else to do it or for more software? I currently have the CS5 Master Collection and would think that something in there is what I'm looking for.


      This is my first post here but hopefully I explained my issue clear enough that someone can help. Thanks in advance!