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    Problem with Multiple Threads

    Galactic Populator Level 1

      I take beta-testing status seriously.  Thank you for giving me the chance to use this beta-test copy of Audition.


      I am in the process of loading my newly purchased Liszt transcriptions for piano of Beethoven's symphonies onto my computer:


      Operationg System:  Mac OSX v10.6.6

      Hardware:  Plain vanilla 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM

      No audio plug-ins installed.


      The music originates on CD.  My general process is to open the music in Audition, cut and past tracks as necessary to recreate an entire movement, and then save the movement to HD as an MP3, so I can play it with cog at my leisure.


      With a freshly-launched instance of Audition, I used command-click to select all 4 of the tracks comprising the 5th symphony on CD, and proceeded to open them simultaneously.  The 5th is nicely organized, in that each track contains a single movement.  The first movement loaded fine, but the resulting 2nd and 3rd movements, when opened, had 2-to-3 second segments of sound repeated over and over many times.  Some of the segments of music appeared to be from other than the proper movement.  Both movements were truncated, in that the last few seconds of music was not there, AND the TRT for the track was a few seconds smaller than the run-time listed on the CD.  I didn't check the 4th movement.  I didn't trust it, closed it without check it thoroughly, and started over without multi-threading anything.


      I'll bet you can repeat this problem if you try.  It would be nice if you could fix it, because it is scary to think that there may be bad segments of sound in the middle of files I load and work on of which I may never be aware until it is too late to re-perform the edits.  I hate to complain, but it would be really nice if you could fix Audition so it would load the proper data, and the entire contents of a file.


      Thank you.