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    Audition Doesn't Release Media

    Galactic Populator

      Thank you for giving me the chance to use this beta-test copy of Audition.  I take my beta-testing status seriously, and hope I can help Adobe develop a useful product.



      Operationg System:  Mac OSX v10.6.6

      Hardware:  Plain vanilla 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM

      No audio plug-ins installed.


      Here's how to re-create this bug:


      Open in Audition a file which resides on CD.


      Edit the file.


      Save As the file.


      Close the file.


      Eject the CD.


      You can't eject the CD, because Audition will not release the file that was once open.  The only way to eject the CD is to kill (quit) Audition.  Killing Audition causes me to lose its internal state information which determines the details which determine the type of compression I am using to save files.


      I am pretty sure I have noticed this problem with disk-resident files, as well.  I don't think Audition releases any file you have used to import a file when you close the file.  Although this does not seem to cause crashes, you might want to fix it so it works properly.


      Thank you.