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    userID trouble ...


      I loose access to my account in Kuler yesterday after changing AdobeID.
      On entering Kuler login me into wrong account ...
      I try to write  (kuler-feedback@adobe.com) but service declined my mails and silence ...

      Help please.

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          AllDayDev Adobe Employee

          Hello quickmaker. Welcome to the Adobe user-to-user forums!



          I took a look at your account on Kuler, and indeed a duplicate ID had been created after you changed your e-mail address.


          I have now reconciled your account to the new e-mail address you specified in your case (#205743142). Your account name and e-mail address should now be showing as expected in the system.



          If you have any further issues with this, please feel free to reply to this forum thread.




          Kind regards,




          - Carey B.

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            quickmaker Level 1

            Good day ...
            okay I see that my account was merged and themes is in one case now.


            From now I have new trouble - I can't login to Kuler API for viewing or editing my Kuler API keys ...


            Thank you for support, I hope that it help you also.


            Ok, trouble solved!!!