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    How to always show rulers in Photoshop CS5 and other problems

    datastream8 Level 1

      Does anyone know how to make Photoshop CS5 always show rulers in mac? I have not have this issue with any other PS. I need the rulers to drag guides contantly, but photoshop cs5 would not show the rulers automatically. Everytime I have to go to View --> Show rulers or the shortcut command + R. Is there a way to instruct Photoshop to always show rules with any file I open or create?


      I have many other issues with Photoshop CS5 that CS2, 3, and 4 had out of the box... It is very frustrating that I spent all this money and instead of working, I have been on the phone with Adobe for hours... I am very disappointed so far.


      I have had CS5 Master's Collection for 2 months now on Mac 10.6.7. I have reinstalled Photoshop 3 times as some shortcuts were not working like shift plus scroll to inscrease to 100%, 200%, etc.


      The other thing that still does not work and Adobe has not offered a solution is that my Photoshop would not append extensions. Regardless of the Preferences settings, all my files get saved as JPG instead of jpg... I wonder if any of you out there have this issue as well?


      Thank you.