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    guys, help me about the URLPromise


      some images will be loaded into my AIR application

      and then i wanna users can save images to desktop from my AIR app just do dragging!

      so i use the URLPromise

      and some functions need NativeProcess,

      therefore i must publish my app with native installer

      just dmg type in mac os x and exe in windows

      and when i am testing these functions

      i found i can drag the images out to the desktop from my AIR app in mac os x but in windows

      when i drag out the images

      AIR framework create a temp image file on the desktop but never write anything into it and never complete writing

      so the image file always show me 0 byte until i exit my AIR app, this temp image will be deleted!

      why ?

      any reasons?

      I have created a new project just do testing the URLPromise

      and everything is ok.

      so I think maybe cause by my codes

      but this part of the codes is identical

      anyway why it's running well in mac os x but in windows?

      cause of the native installer?