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    simple script wanting to use as a learning tool.


      Iam after a simple flash application that will display guitar chords. I basically a guitar image and all the chords already listed as this style equation. 355433 or something simular.


      Basically i want a drop down menu that when selcted will display a red dot displaying the above style position on ther guitar image.


      I suspect the first thing would be to define all the relevant x-y coordinates of the guitar string. There are six strings 1,2,3,4,5,6 .  then each fret is numbered 0-12.so for 355433 it would be referring to 13,25,35,44,53,63 as the positioning of the code - if you see what is happening there (there might be an easier to code it but that seems mathematically simple to my tiny brain LOL)


      so if the x-y coordinates are defined to include all positions on the freboard and that is matched with the counts. in theory i could just enter in the 355433 style chords and they would show on the image in their respectyive positions with a red dot.


      Mathematically it is easy as pie. but i have no idea how to go about doing this in flash but.... I really want to learn.


      Look forward to any support or pointing in the right direction


      Much appreciated