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    How can I make all 40 audio clips the same volume?


      Hello, all!


      I'm finishing up a General Orientation video for new employees in Yellowstone National Park and am-this-close to being finished!


      I'm creating the video in Premier Elements 9 with some video footage and some still photos blended together.  (Yes, I tried to "Ken Burns" it...  he would laugh out loud if he saw my version!)


      I've narrated most of it in individual WAV. clips that I've inserted into the audio timeline under each video segment.


      I have about 40 audio clips, and even though I used a decent microphone, I still find that each clip has a slightly different volume that is really noticeable when the video DVD plays on TV.  I'm realizing that I should have made an effort to keep a standard distance from the mic when recording.   Hindsight is 20-20.


      I have been trying to change the volume on each clip to make them all the same volume, and it's making me a little crazy.


      Is there any way for me to capture all the audio at one time and make an adjustment that would make all of them the same volume?    I tried CTL-A and then did "normalize" on it, but it seemed to make very little/or no difference when viewing.


      Any advice would be really appreciated!


      Signed, the lone creative video girl in Yellowstone.