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    Adding buttons on title line

      I am relatively new to Flex and I have run into a slight problem that I that I think is because of lack of experience. I have a panel and I have set the title attribute but now I am required to add buttons to the right of the title. I am not sure what the best way to do this is or even if it is viable. I have read in other places throughout the internet that it is possible to add buttons to the title of an object, but I do not know how to do to proceed. I have thought about it and I think making an HBox and adding a label for the title and then the required buttons might work, but when it compiles it leaves a blank space above my new HBox that just does not look good. Is there someway to override the title of the panel or set its height to 0, or better yet some way to add buttons to the title line of the panel? Any help would be appreciated.