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    Adobe Reader Printing Problem


      I have a PC with Windows XP SP3. When I try to print a PDF document, I get the following message: "The document could not be printed. There were no pages selected to print." Of course, I had selected the pages to print.


      Recently, I had many problems with Adobe Reader 10, so I removed it and reloaded Adobe 9. Today, when this printing problem appeared, I did a restore on my computer, taking it back a few months. I still have the printing problem.


      Any idea what's wrong? Any idea how to fix it?

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          I'm having the same problem.  I'd love to know if anyone has a solution to this.  When I go into the document properties, there is no security set, and it indicates that Printing is allowed.


          Another problem with the document - it won't let me save it again, not matter what I do - won't allow 'save as' or 'save'.


          "The document could not be saved.  There was a problem reading this document (14)".     Is the error message I get.


          PS>  It will print 'current page', just not whole document, but it is 34 pages and I will be reusing it many times.  I would like to find a solution.

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            dstoops2 Level 1

            I found one solution to this, but I'm not sure it will work for anyone else. Here is what I did

            File - Print to PDF - with a new name.


            Then it would print fine!!!


            However, a File- Save as - with new name, did not work.

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              Do you have Acrobat Pro 9? I can't find how to Print to PDF under File.....

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                dstoops2 Level 1

                I have Acrobat Pro 9, but the feature I am using is listed under my



                If I go to Print, then in the drop-down list of printers, I have PDF -

                which essentially creates a new PDF document.  I don't really understand

                why it worked, but it did.  The Print - PDF is also available to Word,

                Publisher, etc.


                Hope tis works.





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                Do you have Acrobat Pro 9? I can't find how to Print to PDF under File.....