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    Best practices for 40 MB limit?


      I use Catalyst a lot for prototyping and adding visual elements during the development process. Now, for the first time, a designer has given me a PSD file of an entire application design. I'd like to load it into Catalyst, as advertised! But the file is 57 MB, and Catalyst is telling me it has a 40 MB limit on PSDs. I can think of a few things to do:

      • Break the file into two PSDs with about half the layers in each
      • Try to optimize the file itself somehow before importing it
      • Copy-and-paste from Photoshop rather than opening the file in Catalyst
      • Exporting to FXG from Photoshop (does Photoshop do that)?
      • Exploit some workaround or hidden feature that allows me to open the file as is (gimme an easter egg, please)!


      Not sure what's the best thing to do. Any suggestions on best practices?