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    Dynamic Variable Names

    JennHysuick Level 1
      I'm crossing my fingers that someone will be able to help out on this, as I'm running out of ideas...

      I have an array of n length. Each position contains and a 'test' object. What I can do now is var test1:text = array[n]; and then I can reference test1.property and get the value out.

      Problem is that i have an unknown number of objects in the array (will change each time it runs), and I need to work with the objects and reference them by a uniqueName.property (so I can add var1.num + var2.num).

      I have NO idea how to do this without writing long complicated things, and creating variables that may be blank (there can be at most 20 objects in the starting array).

      Can anyone help out with this? Thank you so much if you can!