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    saving HD to hard drive


      I am attempting to save a HD copy of

      a blue Ray 1920x1080 to hard di

      sc, I can

      save the AVCHD

      file and it plays on computer but not on T

      V from disc drive

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can not save a BluRay file to a hard drive in Premiere Elements, Ron.


          To create a BluRay disc, go to Share/To Disc/BluRay. This is the only hi-def format that will play on your TV's disc player.

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            ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

            Thank's Steve,


            I probably didn't explain all that well. I can do as you have said, however

            I wanted to save the project as a high definition file, put it on a portable

            hard drive and play it on my TV.


            The problem is this; It will save a file that will play on my computer as a

            high definition file. When I transfer that file to hard drive it will play

            back on my computer but not on the TV. I think perhaps I will need to

            convert it, I have a converter program but it also does not recognise the

            file. It is 'Iskysoft'


            Share/computer/mpeg2 pal - saved as a file ok - but only works on computer


            Thanks for your help, at least I know I can save it, just need to work out

            how to convert it.


            Regards Ron

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Unless your TV/player can read AV files, the way to do what you want would be to burn the BD, which will create the necessary folder structure, with the necessary files inside. Then, Copy that root folder to the external HDD. The potential problem will be "pointing" the TV to that folder on the external.


              Which TV do you have?


              What are its capabilities?


              Most TV's require some sort of player. This could be a camera, hooked to the TV with component cables, or it could be a "media center," or it could be a portable BD player. However, some are getting pretty sophisticated, so I am not about to say that it cannot be done, until we know the TV, and what it is capable of doing.


              Good luck,



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                ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                It is a Samsung HD 3D recent model, it reads off portable hard drives and

                plays most files, AVI, MKV, and a great list of others. It does not

                recognise M2t or M2v so I guess converting the file may be the way to go.

                I successfully created an AVCHD file M2t which I downloaded onto a portable

                HD, this played ok on my computer using windows media player but the TV

                doesn't see it at all. I tried changing to PAL (which is the standard for

                Australia) and this gave me a video clip M2v, same result.


                I tried converting using 'Iskysoft' video converter but that didn't

                recognise the M2t either. I don't know how to point to the folder other than

                changing the file ending.


                Regards Ron

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Are you playing the file on your computer and playing it on your TV? If so, all you need is an HDMI attachment and a computer graphics card that supports HDMI output.


                  How are you attaching your computer (or your player) to your TV?


                  Or better yet, what are you ultimately trying to create -- playing on what kind of player and displayed on what type of viewer? There may be a more efficient way to do this.


                  It may not be worth all this extra effort though. You won't get better playback on your TV than you will with a BluRay disc.

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                    ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                    No, I don't have a blue ray burner -  yet!  I also have an iMac that allows

                    burning BD onto standard or dual layer DVD and which plays in my PS3 which

                    is blue ray and backward compatible (connected with HDMI)


                    The iMac burns BD extremely well but has a poor DVD output. I also have a

                    pretty good Windows computer and have a reasonable handle on 'Premier'


                    My TV is a recent model Samsung HD 3D with USB connections. I can play

                    movies and files via portable hard drives with most codecs, including AVI,

                    MKV etc. Premier Elements 9 outputs an AVCHS M2t which saves to the HD and

                    plays brilliantly on the computer, however the TV doesn't recognise the file

                    (nor the Movie Clip M2v)


                    I have tried to convert to another file using 'Iskysoft converter' but it

                    also doesn't recognise the M2t M2v codecs. All I want to do is save the HD

                    clips/project to the portable HD in a format that will play them on the TV,

                    if that is possible. If not I guess I will have to buy a blue ray burner.

                    It's just that burning discs seems pretty unnecessary if one can save to HD

                    (other than making a disc for someone who doesn't have newer technology) I

                    do find DVD pretty ordinary after BD and MKV quality on a 1920x1080 screen



                    Thanks for this reply, sorry I took so long to respond to your kind email

                    but I am in Australia

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Does the TV see DivX files, usually in an AVI "wrapper?"


                      If so, I would choose Microsoft AVI, and then DivX as the CODEC. Though heavily compressed, DivX was designed for streaming media, which is what you are doing.


                      Also, and for future refecrence, AVI is but a wrapper, and can contain all sorts of "stuff," just like MOV, and WMV. MKV is both a format and a CODEC. This ARTICLE will give you a bit of background.


                      Good luck, and let us know if the TV can play DivX files.



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                        ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                        Yes, the TV reads DivX. I downloaded the DivX codecs but the result of

                        changing the codec within Elements was very poor. What did work however was

                        making the M2t file and converting it to MKV with the DivX converter, using

                        the 1080p conversion was better than the 1080. Once converted I transferred

                        it to hard drive and it played very well. I had to download the DivX codec

                        package to get the codec up on the list after choosing AVI. It was a very

                        poor quality but I may have done something wrong. Looks like I will buy the

                        converter once I run a few tests.


                        Thanks, Ron

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Great news Ron!


                          Thanks for reporting your success. That will likely help others in the future.


                          Good luck,



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                            ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                            Just ran a few more tests and am very happy with the quality. The original

                            AVCHD M2t was 1440x1080 and the conversion is the same, looks great on my

                            TV. I can save a copy of the original M2t and burn to BD or play on or via

                            my computer, I can also convert a copy into an DivX folder to transfer onto

                            a HDD. Cost of the DivX full program was just under $33. AUD


                            Thanks for steering me in the right direction, hope I may have helped

                            someone else on my first post.


                            Regards Ron

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              As the various "media center" devices become more common, and TV's are able to ingest more material, we will all be learning, and your tests will prove useful to all of us, and to folk, who are new to the forum.


                              Thank you for your efforts, patience and the reports.



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                                ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                                you are very welcome. I am about to turn 66 and have endured countless hours

                                of frustration with problems such as this. Finding the solutions is

                                challenging, that's for sure but the occasional breakthrough feels good.

                                Hopefully the manufacturers of some of these products can build in the

                                codecs so that one doesn't have to use plug in's and other products do

                                achieve a simple thing such as this should have been.


                                Bye for now, we may be in contact again at the next hurdle!


                                Regards Ron

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  We're contemporaries!


                                  I try my best to learn something new each day, to at least keep the gray matter exercised.


                                  Happy editing,




                                  PS - as more "media center" type solutions come about, I think that we'll see a broader range of footage, that works. Keeping up on it, can be a bit daunting.

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                                    Ted Smith Level 3

                                    When you say 'Hard Drive' is this a simple portable computer drive with a USB connection to the TV or a hard drive HD video recorder feeding HDMI to the TV?


                                    If the latter, there is a noticable loss in quality compared with the original AVCHD due to the excess compression to fit all the video on the disk.(using a 1900x1080 Sony camera)


                                    I had a similar problem playing a PE9 burnt disk on a TV/BD player although it would play in my computer and some other brands of players. Turned out to be an incompatability in disk folder names in PE9. So I produced the m2ts file in PE9 and used another program to burn the disk.


                                    You might be sorry you didn't buy a BD burner when your hard drive fails and all your precious memories are lost!


                                    A LG 8x burner costs about $110 from umart.com.au (Only problem is the 4x BD disks are considerably cheaper)

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                                      ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                                      Yes, a simple USB +2 (Western Digital Elements SE) Maxtor or Axioo etc.

                                      The saved file M2t, native to Premier Elements 9 plays on computer on

                                      Windows Media Player, the quality is outstanding. It's just that my TV

                                      doesn't recognise that file so I had to convert it to MKV using DivX. This

                                      now plays on my TV, whilst the file size is the same as M2t =  1440 X 1080

                                      the quality is excellent, in fact exactly the same as it would be burned to

                                      a BD disk.

                                      It is interesting that even the BD disk had some compatibility issues.

                                      In order to lose my precious memories and be sorry, my main drive with the

                                      M2t file along with the converted DivX would have to fail and so would the

                                      drive I use to view it on as well as my backup drive. If anything I tend to

                                      overdo the backup thing. Also I never clear my camera until I have a couple

                                      of backups of the important stuff.

                                      Having said that I appreciate your info on the burner as I thought they were

                                      much more expensive. Does anyone think that burned discs will be phased out

                                      by the increased ease in which movies, projects and info can be stored on

                                      hard drives. It seems less time and resource intensive to save to HD than

                                      burn to disc and it also seems 'chalk and cheese' between DVD and BD


                                      Regards Ron

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                                        ronbender1@bigpond.com Level 1

                                        I thought it might be worth a bit of an update on PE9 burning issues; In

                                        order to copy a playable version of the high quality video on HD, I

                                        eventually tried burning by going to the Share/ burn on this computer; then

                                        I selected the bottom selection in the drop down list which is a full 1920 X

                                        1080 M2t file (unlike the last two I tried which were 1440 X 1080 and 1440 X

                                        1080p) I also made sure I selected the default (PLUS HD) profile in the DivX

                                        converter. I was able to save a full 1920 X 1080 M2t file and convert that

                                        to a full 1920 X 1080 mkv, which saves and plays on virtually everything.

                                        Both the M2t and the converted DivX can be burned to Blue Ray also.


                                        Thanks to Ted, I purchased a BD burner.


                                        Regards Ron