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    Audio Sync and Export Media problems

    Fletcher Christian

      Hep me, hep me!


      I am creating content directly from stills, animating text and graphics. I record a narration track separately and import it as an .aif file. When viewing the file in CS4 version, all audio is perfectly synced. Occasionally, when I open the sequence in CS5 to take advantage of the 64-bit processing, the audio file is wildly out of sync and I cannot seem to get it to playback correctly. I've reimported the audio file to see if there was some corruption, but no luck. The actual track is synced, but the playback is not. The strangest part about this is that the behavior is sporadic- sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it wont sync at all, even after a restart. I do have some luck re-opening the same file as a "Recently Project" occasionally. Same sequence file and media, different result- quite inconvenient.


      Second issue: I cannot seem to export any media from CS5 using the CS5 Media Encoder (can't read from the source), though the CS4 PP and Media Encoder work perfectly. CS4= slow but dependable / CS5=speed but sync and media issues.


      I'm running an iMac 27, 2.93 GHz i7 with 12G memory and plenty of room on the scratch drive. I am running an ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card.


      any clues?