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    Why always exports with re-encoding?



      This is my first post and I'm really a little bit confused about how Premiere CS5 works when exporting media files/sequences. I have tryed to search in different places, learn video tutorials from Adobe, but I don't have a still a complete picture about it.
      I need to make a small work with videos of different resolutions (720p to VGA) that only consists in cutting the initial 10 seconds of the video source (H.264 codec). No effects, transitions or similar. Just only a initial cut. But when I try to export Premiere CS5 always re encode  the complete sequence. Even if I try to create a custom export settings that mismatches the original video source, always try to re encode all the sequence. Even if I try to export a video that has been encoded previously with CS5, imported an UNTOUCHED with the exactly same settings that has the video, the video is again re-encoded. This operation is really a "Save as ..." because I just only change the name of the video, but Premiere decides that is necessary to re-encode ...
      Please, can some body help me about what I doing wrong or how can I avoid to re-encode even if there is any kind of changes in the video source?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Welcome to the forum.


          For temporally compressed video like H.264 or MPEG2, Premiere Pro does not perform "smart rendering" on export.  To get that capability you can get very expensive plug-ins for Pr, or you can use other tools that advertise smart rendering, but you should not expect consistently good results from those plug-ins or applications.  Messing with a video file's GOP structure can sometimes produce unexpected and unacceptable results.



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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Jeff's given you the "why;" here's a "how"...


            Get MPEG Streamclip for your OS. It's free and involves no installation. Launch the program, and go to Window > Preferences; enable the option for "Preserve GOPs at In/Out."


            Now, you can open a clip (I'm presuming these are MP4s), and mark and In and Out point (I and O respectively). Go to File > Save As, set the type to MP4 (it should be by default), and pick a location and name. When you save, MPEG Streamclip will lossless cut the H.264 stream and repackage it in a new MP4 file. You can also set up a Batch by going to List > Batch List.

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              vidtester Level 1

              Thanks for your answers,

              In the past I used to do this action (cut and save as another file) virtualdub and I think that there are more free programs as you mention, but for me this is still an strange behaviour. From a economical point of view, it's very difficult to justify that my company has spent more than 2000 € in a product that is not able to do things that can be done with free programs. Yes, I can do thousands of things that the others can not, but ...I still think that this situation is very frustrating. There are not technical reasons, I believe, to incorporate this functionality in Pr CS5. For this kind of things this is really very useful. Adobe can incorporate this functionality and make a video tutorial explaining when you can use this functionality and the results that you can expect, but and the end should be a user's choice to use this functionallity.
              The second thing is that for me, there is a bug or something like this: if you try to export a media file (.mp4 in my case) with exactly the same settings that the original source, in my opinion this should be detected by Pr and launch and advice about this or export directly the file without re-encoding. I still don't understand why try to re encode one thing that will be -or should be- produce exactly the same thing. Does somebody  tried this simple test?


              Kind regards.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If you have a Feature Request, please fill in the form with the details of what you would like to see added to PrPro.


                Good luck,