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    Best export settings for hd SLR video.




      I edit video from canon eos 5d 1080p /29.97 and want to get the BEST quality in exported files. (To be seen witha a WD media player and a full hd high quality video projector) .

      Premiere CS5 ver 5.03 cuda enabled GEForce 470  The original clips are .mov at about 45 mbps h264.

      When I open media encoder I have a lot of possibilities.

      If I choose "match sequence settings" I get  an mpeg file 31 mbps with  I frames appearing after two P frames. (Gop=3)

      I can also export as mp4 with higher framerates (45 mbps) and so on,

      I do not know wich is the best choice .

      Any suggestions or experiences welcome