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    Converting .mod files and starting a new project


      Hi all


      I have just purchased Premiere Pro CS5 which is an upgrade from Elements 4 for me.  I just want to make sure I'm moving in the right direction as I'm not really technically savvy and am still trying to get my head around all the terms, differences etc.


      Basically I have a JVC Everio which gives me .mod files.  I have downloaded MPEG Streamclip as per recommendation on this and previous forums.  I want to make sure


      Should I be converting .mod files to .avi or should I be converting to a different format?


      I have recorded my video in widescreen and want to make video watchable on Australian TV.  When I use MPEG streamclip it offers me a plethera of choice which confuses me.  At the moment I have selected the following:


      When I first select the Mod file I'm given an option to choose a task.  I have selected "Export to AVI". 

      NB: I also have the choice to "Convert to MPEG with MP2 Audio" and "Export to DV" plus a number of other options with terminology which doesn't look familiar at all.  Thought it best to stay away from these ones!


      Once I have selected "Export to AVI" do I select "Fix timecode breaks"?  I'm not sure what this means.




      Apple DV - Pal

      Quality = 100%


      DV Options

      Scan Mode = Interlaced

      Aspect Ratio = 16:9



      MPEG Layer 3, Stereo, kHz=Auto, 256 kbps


      Frame Size

      do I select "1024 x 576 (16:9)" or "720x 576 (DV-Pal)", there are other options which I can list if you need the information


      Frame Rate

      This has been left blank and I have not selected "Frame Blending" or "Better Downscaling"


      Deselect for progressive movies

      I have Interlaced scaling and Reinterlace Chroma selected but deinterlace video remains unticked


      Field Dominance

      Lower Field First


      Once all my files are converted and I open Premiere Pro CS5 what settings should I be selecting for the best output to DVD for Australian television?  I get so confused with all the options!!


      Thanks in advance for your advice.