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    After Effects CS4 & WebM/VP8 Compatibility

    The Morning Line

      I'm trying to create animations for web-use and would like to have them work on mobile platforms as well, so I want to export After Effects projects to an HTML5 video format.  WebM is the one I'd most like to use, as that is supported by most browsers, but also in H.264 for Safari users and Ogg Theora if that is possible as well.  I don't see a way to export to any of those formats with After Effects CS4 and was wondering if anyone knew of a method to add that functionality, perhaps using a plugin or something like that.


      If anyone knows of a method, let me know!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE supports H.264, but naturally this applies. Look up proper rendering procedures in the help otherwise. It seems you are looking in the wrong place and need to brush up on the basics. For all other formats simply render uncompressed and convert them in external tools. At this point, no Adobe app supports these non-standardized/ experimental formats.



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            The Morning Line Level 1

            You're certainly right about me needing the basics, as I don't have any experience using After Effects.  I'm trying to learn the program now.  I've been doing research to decide what I wanted to use to do some animation and wanted to make sure there wouldn't be an issue getting it into the right format.  Thanks for the quick reply, I believe I already found a program to do the converting.

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              typpeo Level 1

              You're best bet is to go .mp4 for now and AE does support H.264 encoding. In fact CS4 is rather good at it. If you are using a Flash player then h.264 will cover all of your basic browsers. As far has HTML5 and WebM goes I would say to hold off, this is coming from experiance. HTML5 is not finalized yet and all of the browsers are implementing their own versions of it. So you end up having to make different files\formats for several different browsers anyway. Why not just contiune to use the Flash player and use .mp4s or .flvs for the time being? And to be honest .h264 looks better then WebM with all the tests we have currently done.


              If you are worried about iPads\iPhones that's not really a big deal because they also support h.264.

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                WhiteRau Level 1

                AE won't output to WebM/VP8.  that's the answer you're likely looking for.  i presume you've moved on by now, but others are still looking for this answer.


                as for H.264... the licensing crap that's coming up now is pushing it into the dirt.  while the WebM/VP8 format is perhaps not yet as strong as H.264, you won't have the potential legal issues that H.264 will have.


                so until Adobe or someone else comes up with an export module for AE, look to something else, like Sorenson Squeeze or Miro.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Here's some new information about WebM export from Premiere Pro and After Effects through Adobe Media Encoder: http://bit.ly/1bpgTaI