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    extending and sub classing


      i'm experimenting with extending and subclassing components in flex. i am trying to add an event listener to the datagridcolumn. i want to add a function to occur when i click the column (using a mouseclickevent).


      each of my pieces of data in the datagrid have a custom style to look like a hyperlink (blue and underlined). the user will drill into details behind the numbers they see. i got this to work with itemClick and i found some good code to use for totaling the datagrid numbers by using the code from Alex's Flex closet http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui/2008/03/flex_3_datagrid_footers.html


      my problem is i'm finding that i cannot use the styling or itemClick function to work with the  footers and so am trying to subclass another footerdatagridcolumn to  have a mouse click event to do something with. i'd like for the footer data to be blue and underlined as well if thats possible but not sure how to refer to my Flex css style in AS3. see the attached screenshot i'm trying to get the footer to work with itemClick and have the same style of blue and underlined for the columns that are highlighted below.