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    extra header bar in DataGrids

    andres margalef

      I want to extends the AdvancedDataGrid adding a child that works like a command bar located over the header bar. This new bar can export, save settings, and another feactures.

      I have a problem making space moving down the list content of the Grid. The follow function moves the content of the grid NEW_BAR_HEIGHT down creating free space for the bar.


      override protected function adjustListContent(unscaledWidth:Number=-1, unscaledHeight:Number=-1):void {

      super.adjustListContent(unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight);

      listContent.setActualSize(listContent.width, listContent.height - NEW_BAR_HEIGHT );

      listContent.move(listContent.x, listContent.y + NEW_BAR_HEIGHT );




      • The focus border on item editors has an offset NEW_BAR_HEIGHT, so the item editor and its focus border not overlaps.
      • The item editor on the last row of the grid has a wrong height (try with NEW_BAR_HEIGHT > 50)


      I try to use "listContent.topOffset = NEW_BAR_HEIGHT" with the same problems.