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    fireworks code

    Maxine Thrasher



      I have a website with a menu and dropdowns created in Fireworks. It does not appear to be easy to update any changes in the menu in dreamweaver in my pages as the only method that I have found is to copy/paste the code into each and every page,  each time I make a change ? Can someone tell me if there is an easier way to do this. I have about 25 pages and several different css files to change so if there is a better/easier way that would be great.




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          pixlor Level 4

          I don't think there's an easy way, sorry.


          The reason it isn't easy is that Fireworks is not a Web site authoring environment. Dreamweaver is. The code Fireworks produces is intended for mockups/prototypes and that's all. When you go to build a site, you should move to Dreamweaver. In DW, you can create a page template that you build your pages from. Then, when you need to update your menus or any other content that is common across pages, you update your template and Dreamweaver applies the updates to all your pages. That's where there's an easy way and that's why Dreamweaver is the page authoring environment. FW for layout and design, DW for coding production and maintenance.


          You shouldn't use the pop-up menus from FW, either, as they're not all that great.


          Solution 1) What you should eventually do is create a DW template with a robust menu system and recreate all your pages in DW. You will eventually recoup this development time later during maintenance cycles. This is the best way to build and maintain your site.


          Solution 2) As a possible stopgap measure, my favorite plain text editor, TextPad (shareware at www.textpad.com) can do search-replace actions on multiple open files. If you're replacing the same text in all your pages, you can use this program to apply each change to all pages at once. TextPad supports regular expression search-replace, so you can also search and replace text that spans multiple lines or contains tabs.


          However, if the text on any of the pages differs by any character, then this global search/replace will break that page. You'll need to be very careful and test each page for errors. If you aren't extermely comfortable working with HTML, then you would probably be better off with Solution 1 (which you should go with, eventually, anyway).



          Good luck!

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            Maxine Thrasher Level 1

            Thanks for your help. 


            I do use dreamweaver and I ended up creating a menu_en.html which I call on every page, then I only update the menu_en.html file and not all of them. I guess you could call it a template.



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              pixlor Level 4

              Hmm. Yes, an include file will work.


              But that isn't a DW template. A template is a specific type of DW file that you create with everything for your design except the content. You specifically save it as a template file. Then, when you create a new HTML page, creating it from an existing template is one of your options.


              Yes, you can change your menu, now. But suppose you wanted to change the copyright notice on all your pages. Or you want to split your header from a single image to an image and a slide show. With a template, you do that once and DW updates all the pages that are built on the template. (DW maintains a record of which pages are linked to which templates.)

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                Maxine Thrasher Level 1

                Thanks, I will definitely create a template as that sounds like the route to go.

                Thanks for taking the time to write to me.