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    Changing the cursor to a hand/pointer

      I'd like to set the cursor of an image to be a "hand" or "pointer" to indicate to the user that she can click on it. I've read about the CursorManager static class but it seems like way too much work for something so simple. Am I missing something?

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          smgilson Level 1
          Have you seen the chapter on the Cursor Manager in teh docs:


          That should give you a good start.

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            Matlus Level 1

            As I said in my first post, I've read about the Cursor Manager :).

            I think it's a lot of work for no reason. I mean the "system" already has a curosr for a "hand" why can'y I use the it like I can use a "busy" cursor?
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              Matlus Level 1
              Ok, after searching quite a bit and eventually playing around, I got it.

              You have to set two properties on the image control in order to make it show a hand cursor. useHandCursor and buttonMode. Both have to set to true in order for this to work.

              Too much to do and too vague to boot if you ask me. All other languages I've programmed in and continue to, it's been a simple matter of something like this:
              image.cusrsor = Cursor.Pointer (where Pointer is an element of an enumeration.

              Even JavaScript and CSS make it simple than this and it's intuitive too :). I actullay prefer th eCursorManager concept to this. But I don't want to have to re-draw the cursor with shadow etc. and I know that means if someone has changed their theme the cursor will look odd to them.