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    appropriate audio files

    lisaellensegal Level 1

      I am working with composer.  He is going to take my existing video files (.mov files given to me by my client) and tweak the audio.  The audio files appear to be:

      48000Hz, 16bit stereo files

      I was going to use the DV-NTSC 48kHz pre-set (unless someone suggests otherwise)


      The composer is going to do some modifications and then send them back to me.  He asked me the following question:

      "my system works best with  16/44.1 so i convert it to that and then convert it back to 16/48 or  32/48 which ever your prefer. standard audio quality is 16/44.1 so there  is no degradation of sound really."  Basically, he wants to know what format I want to have these files re-delivered to me with the least degradation.  Can anyone help answer this question and make me sound brilliant?